The event was witnessed by many distinguished Lion Leaders in the Lions District,306 C1. The Chief Guest of the event was the honorable District Governor Lion Chethiya Paranathanthri. Once the formalities were attended, the meeting was called to order by Chairman of the meeting, President of Lions Club of Thalangama South New Century, Lion Chanaka Gamage. Many Past District Governors participated in the event including District Governor, Lion Dharma Dheerasinghe MJF MAF JP, District Governor, Lion Ranji Hewage MJF MAF JP and his gracious lady, Lion lady Mali, District Governor, Lion Rupa Dheerasinghe MJF MAF JP, District Governor, Lion Sarath Wijechandra MJF MAF JP and his gracious lady, Lady Lion Jayanthi. Other distinguished Lions including the Cabinet Secretary, Lion Siri Nandana Premasara PMJF MAF and his gracious lady, Lady Lion Susila, Cabinet Treasurer Lion Pradeep Gunawardana MJF MAF, District GLT coordinator, Additional Cabinet Secretary, Co-extention Chairman and Guiding Lion, Lion Dr. Susitha Senarathna PMJF MAF and his gracious lady, Lady Lion Ancy, District GMT Coordinator and Additional Cabinet Secretary Lion Ajith Hewawasam MAF JP graced the event.

Lion Udula Marasinghe was elected as the Charter President of the Club and he was recognized in a ceremonial gesture aligning to Lions Club International standards. The rest of the fellow office bearers were elected by the club members. The Co-sponsoring Club President, Lion Prof. Ananda Jayawardana addressed the gathering embarking his presence at the event. Once the formalities of the inauguration ceremony was attended gracefully, felicitations were provided by the guests attendees. Vote of thanks was given by the newly elected Club Secretary, Lion Chamod Pieris and the meeting terminated for fellowship and dinner. Lions Club of Colombo are head-focused to power anew era with the blessings of the distinguished Lions who witnessed the function that day.The Inauguration ceremony of Lions Club of Colombo took place on the 7th of February 2021.